Mission promoting CPR training and AED access in Atlanta

CLEAR Coalition - Cardiac Life Extension and Rescue Coalition - is a not-for-profit organization, 501c3 . Our mission is to promote CPR/AED training to teenagers and adults through our schools, churches, synagogues, businesses and local health fairs as well as to encourage comprehensive CPR/AED program implementation:

    • Adequate number and appropriate placement of AEDs;
    • CPR/AED training for all faculty and staff of each public elementary, middle and high school;
    • CPR/AED training of each high school student;
    • School-wide CPR/AED drill in order to test effectively the school’s readiness in case of a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

    Our vision is that we will have a Heart Safe Georgia with citizenry trained in basic emergency response skills of CPR/AED training and that AED units will be truly accessible in our homes, schools, businesses and community at large.

    Our Goals:

    • Promote: CLEAR will begin to promote CPR/AED training and AED purchases for all health care facilities, businesses, restaurants and independent and assisted living facilities.
    • Recognize: CLEAR recognizes people who have saved lives with CPR/AED or have impacted the advancement of CPR/AED training.
    • Network: CLEAR networks with other organizations that share common goals.
    • Save Lives:  promoting CPR training and AED access in Atlanta is the ultimate goal! 

      Your Support is Greatly Appreciation.

      Mail your contribution to:
      CLEAR Coalition
      1771 Annwicks Drive
      Marietta, Georgia 30062