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Learn How to Nominate a School or organization and Become One of Our Heart Safe Ambassadors...

Your Support is Greatly Appreciation. Please Mail your contribution to:
CLEAR Coalition
1771 Annwicks Drive
Marietta, Georgia 30062

We need to communicate our mission to our school boards, athletic coaching staff, employers, business group associations, community leaders, State officials, Representatives, Senators and Executive branch staffers. We need to promote the importance of training and AED unit accessibility - which means allocating time and resources for training in schools, businesses and CPR/AED community training events.

Clothing and Goods Donations

Your donations helps schools, health care facilities and businesses become Heart Safe.

Items that we accept include: clothing, toys, electronics, household items and small appliances.

Please call 404-761-6247 for more information on donating clothing and goods or to schedule a pick-up in Metro Atlanta.

To Nominate a school or facility to receive a grant to become Heart Safe fill out the form below:

Name of School or Facility
Your First Name
Your Last Name
Funding Interest Would like to learn CPR/AED skills
Would like to Buy an AED
Would like to Donate to provide Training
Would like to Donate to provide AED units
Would like to promote Heart Safe programs in my community
Would like to start a community Heart Safe writing campaign ...

If you would like more information please send an email to