Inaugural Sam Schatten Award Ceremony

The weather brightened the day at the Inaugural Sam Schatten Award Ceremony -Sunday, May 20th. Award recipients - Alan Fixelle, Marshall Levine and Marvin Tark were greeted by friends of the CLEAR Coalition and parents from NYO. CLEAR Coalition founder and the Award's namesake - Dr. Sam Schatten addressed the crowd telling his survival story and how the episode inspired him to create this annual award. The award - a double heart Frabel glass sculpture gave a CLEAR message of the importance of the coalition's mission - to recognize CPR/AED training and AED unit accessibility in our homes, schools, businesses, parks and the community at large. State Representative Joe Wilkinson was on hand to present the awards.  Here we see him doing everything he can to ready the stage for the CLEAR Coalition's mission. Both on the field and in the State House, Representative Wilkinson is a leader - working hard to support the efforts to bring CPR education and AED accessibility to the forefront in this year's Georgia Legislative session.

Drs. Fixelle, Levine and Tark shared their experience to 11Alive Journalist, Julie Wolfe

Northside Youth Organization president .... received an AED unit as part of the awards ceremony. The NYO has five AED units on hand and is actively providing its patrons the tools to "Save a Life".

Dr. Schatten is a member of the Piedmont Clinic and practices medicine at Piedmont Hospital.  Dr. Schatten, who by nature is a healer, is now committed to helping save the lives of thousands through this organization.  “I was very fortunate to have had a second chance at life because my life was saved by people who know CPR, and I want every Georgian to have that second chance.”  Sam Schatten, M.D.

The awards ceremony was held at Chastain Park, Garr Field (next to the gym), Sunday, May 20, 3:45 p.m.  

For more information, please contact Kylee Brady at 404-386-2820.